Best Picture? Get out of here

‘Get Out’ has, surprisingly in some people’s eyes, snagged a Best Picture nomination for tonight’s Academy Awards. Despite earning some of the highest praise in recent memory, it had a lot going against it. Horrors don’t tend to get a look in within the Academy, nor do films that actually get seen by nearly everyone. It also had the disadvantage of being released lastFebruary in the USA (March in the UK respectively), which makes it the first film to get a best picture nomination released in February since ‘Silence of the Lambs’ in 1991, another horror that made the cut. Almost a year later, this film hasn’t been forgotten or brushed over by the Academy and no matter what happens tonight, that’s an achievement in it’s own right.

Looking at the list of nominees, it’s a very strong year. But for me, ‘Get Out’ is the best of the nine. It’s a film that is absolutely perfect in every sense and the fact that its final third doesn’t let what came before down shows how sharply written it is. It defies being a horror and is nearly impossible to tie down to any set genre. I absolutely adore the film and am rooting for it to take home the big award. While it may seem deluded, there’s a reason why it may not be as impossible as it seems.

The Academy have a different voting system compared to the other major awards. Instead of each voter picking just one film as their winner, they rank them. This means that while one film may be a lot of people’s favourites, it could be right near the bottom of other voters’ lists, derailing its overall score. This is why I have a slight suspicion (or just dumb hope) that ‘Get Out’ may shock everyone. Unlike ‘Three Billboards…’ or ‘The Shape of Water’, there is no controversy surrounding it and you’ll also be hard pressed to find anyone who actively disliked it. This means it could, in theory, be a lot of people’s second or third choices which will all add up in the final scores.

It is a long shot, and in reality one of the aforementioned films will probably take the prize, which wouldn’t be the worst thing, but how great would it be if when that envelope is opened for the final award, ‘Get Out’ was the film on the presenter’s lips? The announcement would be meet with some of the greatest applause ever and Twitter would surely go into meltdown. After ‘Moonlight’s’ historic win in 2017, it would really cement the Oscars making another step in the right direction and away from picking typical oscar-bait. It’s not to say that the other films aren’t worthy, ‘Three Billboards…’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ are already my tips to be the films of 2018, but seeing a debut feature written, directed and produced by the same person that set the world of cinema alight would be one of the best stories within the film industry in recent memory. It would inspire a generation of young and upcoming filmmakers from all backgrounds that there is an audience for all genres within cinema and that if you truly believe in a piece, you’re belief will transpire on screen. A win for ‘Get Out’ is a win for the future of cinema.

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