What’s Coming in April 2018

The BIG One: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

It’s finally arrived! 10 years since Nick Fury wanted to talk to Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative, we’ve reached what it’s all been building towards: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. It promises to bring everything that’s come in the last EIGHTEEN films together and make nerds everywhere ecstatic. With some of the biggest hype since ‘…The Force Awakens’, this is going to be one of the most talked about films of our lifetime. Marvel have never made a truly bad film, so I’m full of confidence this won’t let us down. Bring on the midnight screening!!

Release Date: 27th April

The One to be excited for: ‘A Quiet Place’

Nothing gets film fans excited like a unique premise in a world full of countless remakes and sequels. Set in a ravished Earth where making a sound causes an unknown threat to attack you, a family are forced to live in silence. They walk on sand to avoid creaks, they converse using sign language and make many other adjustments to survive. Judging by the trailer, it seems like it’ll be one of the tensest films of the entire year. Defiantly one not to miss. (Unless it’s on a crowded Saturday night. A screening with a bunch of code compliant people is a must for this one.)

Release Date: 6th April

The One that’ll probably suck: ‘Death Wish’

Now, I always go into films with an open mind, but sometimes it’s pretty hard to. Maybe this pointless remake will surprise me, but Eli Roth is a filmmaker whose projects never please me. My fear is that this will end up being an over violent film with another phoned in performance from Bruce Willis. Whenever I’m doubtful about a film, I always hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding out much hope for this one.

Release Date: 6th April

The One you probably haven’t heard of: ‘Thoroughbreds’

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the best young actors around and her latest dark comedy thriller also star Olivia Cooke. It follow two friends scheming to murder one of their stepfathers. The late Anton Yelchin features as well and will no doubt be a reminder of what a huge loss he is to cinema. With a rather subdued advertising campaign, you may have to look around to find this one but it sounds like one that’ll stay with you for a while.

Release Date: 6th April

The One that could surprise us: ‘Love, Simon’

I’ve seen the trailer for this a few times now and every time it’s on I always think it looks more interesting. For what looks like a generic teen comedy drama, perhaps it’s the cast involved that makes it seem more appealing to me. Katherine Langford was absolutely breathtaking in ’13 Reasons Why’, a show that looked pretty generic but was anything but, so perhaps this will follow suit. The director Greg Berlanti is behind the entire wave of superhero shows on the CW which I love so, despite it being completely different in tone, his record has been stellar as a producer. Hopefully this is better than his last effort in a director’s chair (Life As We Know It). Don’t take my word for it, but hopefully this one will be a nice surprise.

Release Date: 6th April

The One to see at Prince Charles Cinema: ‘High Fidelity’

What better way to celebrate ‘Record Store Day’ after buying all your new vinyls than to go and see arguably the best film set in a record store ever! London’s best cinema are showing this classic in 35mm and at a respectable afternoon time. If you find yourself in London and want to get away from the crowds, there’s worse ways you could spend two hours doing that.

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When it’s on: Saturday April 23rd – 3.25pm

Others to keep an eye out for: Rampage (April 11th), Ghost Stories (April 6th), Wonderstruck (April 6th), Truth or Dare (April 11th), I Kill Giants (April 6th)

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