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Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I went into the latest dinosaur film feeling slightly cautious as the trailers I’ve seen on almost every cinema trip since April haven’t filled me with confidence. However, I hoped it would be a surprise and in a way it was. I can’t say I loved the film and it definitely left me wanting more, but I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy parts of the film.

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Review: Hereditary

Described as “This genereation’s ‘The Exorsist'”, ‘Hereditary’ has arrived with a lot of attention. It was actually rather surprising to be in a pretty full showing of it (but even more surrpsing it was quiet almost the whole way through!) as it isn’t your typical studio horror. And that’s a very important fact to know going in, this is a really weird film at times. But, unlike a lot of people in my screening, if you give it a chance and go with it, ‘Hereditary’ eventually pays off, it’s just a shame it takes a bit too long to get there.

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Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Starting with the elephant in the room, this is the first ‘Star Wars’ film to officially flop. It’s something I thought was impossible but here we are. Whilst there are many factors as to why this is the case, I won’t dive into them here as I’m here to write about the film and the film alone. Due to the countless issues this film had during production, I went in with cautious expectations. I imagine this is how a lot of people went into it and it’s understandable. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, but thankfully, I’m pleased to say I thought ‘Solo…’ was great and a lot of fun.

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Review: Cargo

Netflix may get a lot of stick for releasing generic rubbish, but I really think ‘Cargo’ would’ve struggled to get funding or a wide release through any other studio. For one, it’s a zombie film with a real lack of action, instead focusing on the harrowing task of survival. Setting it in an empty Australia as well as having an indigenous tribes involved may have put studios off as it’s very different from any zombie film that’s fine before. But, as we all know, when something new comes along and works, it really stands out.

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Review: The Breadwinner

Nominated for an Academy Award but only now gracing our screens, ‘The Breadwinner’ follows the remarkable story of Parvana who disguises herself as a boy to help provide for her family when her Father is captured by the Taliban. Set during 2001 at the height of the Taliban, the film explores how women, no matter what age, were treated as nothing, to the point they couldn’t leave their own house without a male accompanying them. The film may sounds extremely harrowing, but it’s biggest strength is how the events unfold and will affect everyone emotionally, no matter of age or gender.

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What’s Coming in June 2018?

The BIG One: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Unexpectedly, after the first (or fourth?) film’s runaway success, a lot of people seem to be hesitant o this one, myself included. It’s true it does seem like a rehash of ‘…The Lost World’, but more concerning is the lack of any excitment from the trailer. I do think it’s unlikely the film will be bad, but I’m already weary of getting myself let down. As with all films, I really hope it’s good, but a very peculiar and “meh” advertising campaign leads to me to think we’ll be getting more ‘Jurassic Park III’ instead of ‘Jurassic Park’.

Release Date: 6th June

The One to be Excited for: Hereditary

Rare reviews out of festival season, followed by claims it’s “this generations ‘The Exorcist'”, the Toni Collette lead ‘Hereditary’ looks like it could scare the pants off of everyone. But, unlike most horrors nowadays, it seems to have a killer storyline that will elevate it into being more than “just a scary film”. While Rotten Tomatoes should never influence your decision to see a film, the fact it’s sitting on 100% at the time of writing is perhaps an indication this is going to be something groundbreaking.

Release Date: 15th June

The One we really hope won’t suck: Ocean’s 8

The Ocean’s franchise was always prime for a reboot/late sequel and the idea of making it an all female crew this time is much more exciting than rehashing the old team. Going by the cast and trailer, this film should be, at the very least, a lot of fun. But, as with any reboot/late sequel, you always wonder if they’ve revived it for a quick buck rather than a worthwhile film.

Release Date: 18th June

The One that may surprise you: Tag

Based on the unbelievable true story, ‘Tag’ sees five brothers take part in their yearly month long game of tag. The fact that premise is a true story is amazing but more so is the insane cast the film has attracted. With that much comedy power on board, ‘Tag’ could be the second surprise comedy hit of the year after ‘Game Night’.

Release Date: 29th June

The One to see at Prince Charles Cinema: Planet of the Apes Trilogy

I am actually off to see a Pitch Perfect Aca-Long tomorrow night here but feel it’s not enough notice. So later in the month is a chance to catch arguably the best trilogy of this decade. What’s even more impressive is that literally no one cares when ‘Rise…’ was announced but by the time ‘War…’ came out, it was one of the most beloved (and sadly underseen) films of the year. If you missed it, it’s a chance to catch them and appreciate how the all three films really do come together. And if you’ve already seen then, it’s another chance to see Ceaser and company.

When’s it on?: Friday 8th June at 6.40pm

Other releases: Book Club (1st June), Super Troopers 2 (15th June), Overboard (22nd June), Adrift (29th June), Sicario 2: Soldado (29th June).