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I Finally Watched….Ingrid Goes West

Winner of Best First Feature at this year’s Independent Spirit Awards, Ingrid Goes West was a film I really wanted to see last year. But, as is always the case with independent films, it wasn’t on at any of my local cinemas. Almost a year later, I finally managed to catch Matt Spicer’s directorial debut. I was very, very impressed.

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I Finally Watched…Twilight

Growing up, it became exceedingly easy for everyone at school to hate on ‘Twilight’. Despite the fact most of its critics were teenagers who’d never seen the film, it became a punching bag for people to take their anger out on. This is probably why I never even considered watching them when they were out. Even as I got more and more into watching a variety of films, it still was never one that I ever considered putting on. Finally, after a sick girlfriend asked to show me it, I couldn’t really say no as I had given her my cold. Despite all the negativity, I went in wanting to enjoy it. I thought there’s no way it’s as bad as all the internet trolls make out. Turns out, it’s pretty unwatchable.

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