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A Terrible Decade for Video Game Films

If, like me, you are a fan of video games, you’ll know how frustrating the film industries inability to adapt them successfully is. Good is generally an overstatement. The best we’ve got this century were average at best. Tomb Raider is out soon and I honestly cannot find any excitement or interest for the film, despite really enjoying the games. Looking back at what we’ve had to contend with in the last few years when it comes to adaptations, I feel my worries are justified.

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Best Picture? Get out of here

‘Get Out’ has, surprisingly in some people’s eyes, snagged a Best Picture nomination for tonight’s Academy Awards. Despite earning some of the highest praise in recent memory, it had a lot going against it. Horrors don’t tend to get a look in within the Academy, nor do films that actually get seen by nearly everyone. It also had the disadvantage of being released lastFebruary in the USA (March in the UK respectively), which makes it the first film to get a best picture nomination released in February since ‘Silence of the Lambs’ in 1991, another horror that made the cut. Almost a year later, this film hasn’t been forgotten or brushed over by the Academy and no matter what happens tonight, that’s an achievement in it’s own right.

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Is “Best Picture” actually the Best Picture?

It’s awards season and every film is vying to win the so-called “big one”: The Academy Award for Best Picture. Winning this can increase a films’ popularity, and therefore legacy, almost overnight. While we can all agree sometimes the awards season can be a bit nonsense, it’s still very exciting to watch and guess all the winners for film buffs. Last year was the first year I stayed up and watched the whole thing and I loved it, not only because of the infamous Moonlight/La La Land mix-up, but because you remembered just how many great films had come out. It even brings up the discussion of how many more great films were nowhere to be seen. So, with the Oscars on the horizon, I wanted to look back at winners of Best Picture from the last 5 years and ask a question, did the right film win?

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Cloverfield: Masters of Hype

No spoilers for any of the three ‘Cloverfield’ film follow!

The Cloverfield Paradox dropped in unexpectedly immediately after the Super Bowl this year and was another home run for building hype within the series. Building hype is something that  is now mistaken for showing off as much of the film as humanly possible before its’ release. The ‘Cloverfield’ franchise has quelled that belief and has proven three times now how to successfully build hype in three totally different ways.

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BAFTA’s Rising Star: Class of 2018

The BAFTA rising star award is nothing but a popularity contest, the winner will always be the star who was in the most mainstream or popular film from the last year. That’s not to say they don’t deserve it, but that’s really how it always works with public votes. This year, I fully expect Daniel Kaluuya to take home the gong after starring in everybody’s favourite film from last year, ‘Get Out’ and honestly, he’s a worthy winner. But in reality, this year is possibly the strongest line-up of young talent for a long time, probably since 2011 (Tom Hardy, Gemma Arterton, Andrew Garfield, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson AND Emma Stone, wow) and here’s why.

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