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Review: King of Crime

King of Crime is so ambitious with the amount of twist and turns it wants to add into its narrative that it eventually crumbles under its own pressure. What makes the opening grab your attention soon turns into an eye rolling routine. By attempting to live up to the early plot twists, it actually managed to remove the impact of every subsequent twist by over using them.

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London Film Festival 2018 Review: Dragged Across Concrete

Once two overzealous cops get suspended from the force, they must delve into the criminal underworld to get their just due. Despite a synopsis that sounds pretty standard, this is anything but. Unafraid to show us totally different lives and stories without much context to begin with, Dragged Across Concrete plays the slow game with its build up towards its magnificent endgame. While we know everything will soon link up, there’s no rush in showing us how. There are a lot of moving parts within and while certain characters get more development, everyone is given just enough time to leave an impression as well as an impact on the narrative.

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Review: American Animals

From the opening upside down cinematography, you sense American Animals is going to be something wildly unique. Following the contradicting accounts of the four real life members of one the strangest heists to ever occur, this crime drama weaves in and out of being a semi documentary and deliver one of the best edge of your seat rides to grace cinema screens all year.

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Review: Yardie

Starting in Jamaica 1973 and taking us all the way to Hackney 10 years later, Idris Elba’s directorial debut follows D (played by the insanely impressive Aml Ameen) who grows up in the midst of a gang war in Kingston. After suffering first hand through this war, he soon becomes involved with King Fox (Sheldon Shepard), a music producer and don of Kingston. D is sent to London to finalise a drug deal, but things begin spiralling out of control and with the reappearance of his childhood love, D must choose which path he wants to walk down.

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Review: Hotel Artemis

Visiting hours may be never, but you really should try and check yourself into a showing of Hotel Artemis.

Two banker robbers, a deadly assassin and an arms dealer walk into a seedy hotel run by a nameless nurse. It may sound like the start to a bad B-Movie, but Hotel Artemis is a lot more than cliches and violence. For starters, it has a strong ensemble and manages to fully utilise each and every actor to their strengths. Jodie Foster (in her first staring role since Elysium in 2013!) shows that even without a hard hitting dramatic script, she is still an absolutely phenomenal actor. She brings laughs naturally but also adds an surprisingly large emotional weight to the film. Continue reading