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Review: Lady Bird

Last year, I thought there were four films that were a solid 10/10. Already in 2018, I’ve said the same about ‘Three Billboards…’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ and now, in as many months, we’ve been blessed with a third masterpiece. Quite how a film based on something as simple as a seventeen year old growing up ended up this good is down to the incredibly sharp and inspiring script by Greta Gerwig, who also directs this semi-autobiographical story.

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Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I was lucky enough to catch an early preview of ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ this year and went in without seeing a trailer or hearing much about the plot. Still, my hopes were high as, despite only having 2 feature length films under his belt, Martin McDonagh is one of Britain’s finest exports. ‘In Bruges’ is the gold standard of the term ‘black comedy’ and ‘Seven Psychopaths’ let the insanely talented cast all play to their strengths. With ‘Three Billboards…’, McDonagh has made one of the most dramatic film you’ll see this year, yet has somehow thrown in some of the funniest moments you’ll see too.

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Review: Game Night

The first surprise hit of 2018 is here! ‘Game Night’ really seemed like it would be mediocre at best, but delivers a surprising amount of laugh out loud moments with an ensemble cast all getting their time to shine. What could’ve become a ridiculous amount of events getting more and more stupid actually defies these expectations and plays out a lot better than it has any right too.

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