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Captain America: The Most Underrated Trilogy Ever?

Looking back on the MCU, Captain America hasn’t gathered as much love as many of the other, more charismatic, characters. It’s understandable, like Superman, he’s a character committed to always doing the right thing and while never unlikable, people respond much better to say Tony Stark’s wit or Star Lord’s sarcasm. Because of this, a lot of people have taken his films for granted as just part of the MCU  (Except for ‘…Civil War’). Now, while his third outing is undoubtedly one of the best MCU offerings, there’s something I’d like to argue; his first is the strongest pre-Avengers films and ‘… Winter Soldier’ is actually the best of the three. Overall, his entire trilogy is magnificent but also insanely underappreciated.

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Review: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’

I’ll keep this one short as there really isn’t anything of note to see here. Ten years after the original, the Kaiju return somehow and it’s up to Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) to lead a group of recruits to save the entire world. The plot is honestly the most baffling and boring one I’ve seen all year. As it goes on, you lose track of how everything is happening. The films brushes over pretty massive reveals and character development is non-existent. Honestly, when we get to the final battle I couldn’t name nearly all of those involved.

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Review: Ready Player One

Blockbuster films have lost their appeal over the years. While we used to get ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘WarGames’, we are now subjected to ‘Transformers’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. When ‘Ready Player One’ was announced, it looked like it was going to be “References: The Movie”. While it undoubtedly is full of more easter eggs than any film ever, it’s so much more than that. I should know by now to never doubt Steven Spielberg.

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