Review: King of Crime

King of Crime is so ambitious with the amount of twist and turns it wants to add into its narrative that it eventually crumbles under its own pressure. What makes the opening grab your attention soon turns into an eye rolling routine. By attempting to live up to the early plot twists, it actually managed to remove the impact of every subsequent twist by over using them.

One commendable thread in an otherwise forgettable affair is the handling of an LGBT character. Gangster films tend to portray and celebrate toxic masculinity so to see a gay man in a relationship (albeit secret) and there to be no shame if stigma around it is a refreshing outlook. While this characterisation is good and better than you’d expect from your typical gangster film, it’s treatment of unnamed female characters doesn’t bare well, becoming no more than wandering shots for the male gaze to stare at.

Mark Wingett is commendable as the lead Marcus King, delivering enough “don’t mess with me” moments to comment the fact he’s in charge. Rachel Bright is also perfectly fine as King’s newest recruit Jessica Slade, keeping the audience unsure of her real motives successfully. Sadly, the remainder of the cast do nothing to elevate themselves into anything memorable.

There’s little of value within this generic, run of the mill gangster story. A stunningly poor script mixed with wooden acting don’t make for a good match. Add in some of the worst visuals seen all year (yes, it’s low budget, but these are reminiscent of something you’d pull off of a trial version of a sub par editing software) alongside unintentionally funny moments and you are sadly presented with one of the worst films of 2018.


King Of Crime will be out in select cinemas from 2nd November and out on Home Ent
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